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June 2009

June 2009
Take the Conservation Course with the National Parks and Be a Green Fairy
The early summer month of June is the best time for group outings.
Strolling in the mountains, one would simply inhale more deeply. Yet have we ever wondered what it is behind all this natural exuberance?
In 1984, the first national park in Taiwan was established, setting a milestone and serving as the leader of the environmental conservation of this island. From the initial hardship and toil to the success
of our ecological technology today, a lot of labor and dedication have surely been committed.
In this issue, Prof. Shin Wang guides us into the books about conservation. Then take a look at how our ecological technology has evolved. Next climb up Yushan with us to visit a lovely group of
volunteers; learn to cherish and love the wetlands and lagoons from Deputy Minister Wenyan Chiau of EPA; follow the trail of deer with eco-photographer Siyi Liu; or trace the fragrance all the way up to
Hehuanshan to enjoy the wonderful view of blossoms.
In early summer of 2009, let's take the conservation course with our national parks and cultivate a green thumb in conserving our environment!
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