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December 2009

December 2009
Heal the Scar of 8/8 Flood Guard Taiwan with Humbleness
On August 8, 2009, a deluge shocked the entire Taiwan off an otherwise joyful holiday. Not only was the erratic anddestructive power of Nature felt, but a valuable yet hurtful lesson was learned: man must not misuse natural resourcesanymore. Only when the sustainability of national land is maintained will the peaceful coexistence between humans and Natureensue.

This issue of NPQ begins with a deep introspection on the effect brought by Typhoon Morakot as former Director-generalof CPAMI Lung-sheng Chang and NTU professor Shin Wang give a wake-up call on national land conservation, followed by athorough analysis by NTU professors Jiun-chuan Lin and Jong-dao Jou on soil and the damages heavy rain may cause, whileNTU emeritus professor Pao-chang Kuo shares his idea of the connection between typhoons and forests.

Afterwards, enjoy a trip to Taroko with touching stories of the selfless contributions made by aborigine rangers for over 20years. And listen to a different perspective of photography ethics shared by nature photographer Jen-hsiu Hsu. Finally, watchan in-depth report on the development of Taijiang National Park to savor humanities of Taiwan and primitive beauty of thelagoon of Taijiang and to celebrate this milestone in national park's history.

Shouldering heavy responsibilities of conservation, national parks act as giant trees standing straight for generations andholding the land in place against every storm. With qualities of humbleness and perseverance, the parks will surely protect theland of Taiwan and pass on the sustainable energy forever and ever.


Guningtou Battle (DVD) NFY International Multi-Media Co. Ltd.
Hiking and Working Trails in Yangmingshan National Park Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters



COVER STORY: Heritage for Generations Sustainability for Taiwan

COVER STORY: Face the Truth and Make a Difference - Lung-sheng Chang on Taiwan's Environmental Conservation from Cases Abroad

COVER STORY: Lessons Learned from the Record-breaking Flood - Reflecting on Weather Abnormalities and Debris Flow Prevention

COVER STORY: Withering and Flourshing Destruction and Regeneration of the Land - Dr. Pao-chang Kuo Looks at Natural Disaster from the Perspective of Nature

COVER STORY: Empathy: Essence of Ecological Engineering - Monica Kuo on Ecological Oriented Green Infrastructure

COVER STORY: Old Wisdom New Human-Nature Relationship - Chie-peng Chen on Culture and Ecological Engineering

COVER STORY: A Flip in Thoughts: Know about Nature and Conform to It - EProfessor Heng-biao King on Environmental Ethics

SPECIAL REPORT: Ten Years of Effort Glory of Taijiang - A Brief Historical Retrospect on the Establishment of Taijiang National Park

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Balance Between Nature and Technology - Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, U.S.A.

PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWPOINT: Concepts above Techniques - An Interview with Nature Photographer Jen-hsiu Hsu

BRILLANT PEOPLE: No Regrets Despite All the Wind and Rain - An Interview with Typhoon Hunter Chun-chieh Wu

BRILLANT PEOPLE: Two Decades of Guarding the Mountains - An Interview with Buya and Nobu, Park Rangers of Taroko National Park Headquarter

GREEN EARTH: The Great Mission of Protecting Habitats - On the Importance of Habitat Conservation

EXPERT 'S VIEWS: Water Invariably Returns to Where It Passed

WORLD TREASURE: Vanishing Lady's Slipper - Taiwan-Bred Cypripediums

PARK REPORT: Autumn Festival of Silvergrass - A Visit to Miscanthus on Ancient Trails in Yangmingshan National Park