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December 2010

December 2010
In National Parks They Volunteer
The preservation of the environment and scenery of national parks relies not merely on the administrators or regulations but on many more people from all walks of life who love and care about this land and willingly safeguard the national parks in full devotion.

Among them is such a group of selfless pals that have been playing an indispensible role in protecting the parks' beautiful resources. They are the volunteers in the national parks.

This December issue of National Park Quarterly offers an in-depth look at these lovely and special fellows by showing the way to become a volunteer, sharing a story of volunteer managers on volunteer ethics, and explaining what's beyond “talking” for an interpreter.

We also take readers to Grand Canyon National Park in the U.S. for an insightful study trip. Insect photographer and volunteer Hong-ming Shi reveals his secrets in shooting bugs while two distinguished professors Shin Wang and Chang-yi Chang teach about a genuine and ever-lasting attitude toward environmental protection. Finally, let's get behind the scene of a thousand-mile trail project to see how some volunteers painstakingly build the trail by their hands – literally.

We hope, through these true stories from real people, to arouse heartfelt inspiration toward the Nature, and encourage collaborative efforts from all of us, and sustain a lively caring force for Taiwan's environment.

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