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March 2011

March 2011
As Spring Touches Cloud Forests and National Parks
On January 1st, 2011, perhaps everyone in Taiwan watched some splendid fireworks somewhere that marked the significance of R.O.C.'s 100th birthday.

Unlike the dazzling but ephemeral flames, the island’s natural beauty is less showy but much more long-lived and valuable.Unique geographical and climatic features have made Taiwan exceptionally rich in natural resources and ecologies. While
other parts of the world around the Tropic of Cancer are covered mostly by deserts, semi-deserts or woodlands, Taiwan boasts a great variety of climates and landforms, which have made possible the perennially humid and rainy cloud forests that nurture numerous life forms.

The cover story of this issue of National Park Quarterly will lead readers into the misty and foggy cloud forests to appreciate their uniqueness and values in ecological conservation. And after a review on the history of forest protection in Taiwan, let’s follow Prof. Po-hsiung Lin for a fog-catching trip to explore the close relationship between forests and atmospheric science.

Focus of the special report falls on the “secrets” of volcanoes in Yangmingshan National Park that have received great attention from the media. Could the park’s Datun volcano group, close to a metropolitan area, wake up in dormancy? The park’s
headquarters will explain in plain language how scientists have been monitoring the pulse of it.

As the severe winter is driven out by spring flowers, national parks across Taiwan are ready to unveil special bicycle tour events in April in celebration of R.O.C.’s centennial anniversary. Interested in savoring the beauty of national parks in a most ecofriendly way? Find out how in this issue of NPQ for a pedaling outing this spring!


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