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Park Contacts

LocationOpening HoursContact Information
Visitor Center Monday ~ Sunday,
from 09:00 to 17:00

Map Of The Park


Zoning Plan of Shoushan National Natural Park
Zoning Plan of Shoushan National Natural Park

The park has a total surface area of 1122.654 hectares. By law, the park has designated 1 special landscape area, 6 historical areas, 3 general restricted areas, and 1 recreational area.

1. Special landscape area

Special landscape area: an area with unique natural landscapes impossible to recreate artificially and development is strictly restricted. The plan will incorporates the special landscapes of the stalactite caverns of the Northern Shoushan limestone terrain, Mifeng Hill, Thailand Valley, Xiaopingding and Snake rocks into a special landscape area.

2. Historical sites

An area designated as having historical significance as outlined by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act; contains important historical buildings, historical sites, ruins and other cultural remnants; contain areas with anthropological and historical research values, cultural heritages or historical battlegrounds.

3. General restricted area

The land or waters inside a national park not belonging to any other classified areas, including existing villages, and permission of continual use of the land and waters (including tenancy, ground rights and other usages in line with laws and regulations) in compliance with preservation of the local natural resources without sacrificing original rights of land use.

4. Recreation area

An area suitable for outdoor recreational and education activities for the population, enabling people to learn about environmental conservation and ecological knowledge, while conducting recreational activities.

How To Get There



  1. Transport guide

How to Get to the Shoushan National Nature Park?

By public transportation

No.56 Shoushan Zoo Shuttle Departs from the Kaohsiung Main Station or the Kaohsiung HSR Station → KRTC Yanchengpu Station (O2) → from Shoushan Entrance stop, walk 2 minutes to reach the Planning Office

No.219 Bus

Departs from Jiachang Station → Jiachang Rd → Houchang Rd → Zuonan Rd → Zuoying Avenue → get off at Gushan Administration Center stop and walk up the hill on Wanshou Rd, pass the Yuan Heng temple, Wanshoushan Bridge and Zoo Parking lot, about 10 minutes to reach the office.

By car

Freeway → exit at Zhongzheng Interchange → Zhongzheng 1st Rd → Wufu 1st Rd → Wufu 4th Rd → Gushan 1st Rd → Shoushan Park entrance → Wanshou Rd (to Zoo) → Shoushan Zoo → office