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Accommodation in Yushan

Please read articles in our website for more information about accommodation in Yushan National Park.

Jian pu Lodge 886-5-2679917 - -
Pai yun Lodge 886-5-2679713 - -
China Youth Corps 886-7-6866166 886-7-6866167 No.55, Meishan Lane, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County 848, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Sheng Hwa Hotel 886-49-2701511~3 886-49-2701903 No.60,Shen-yi Road, dong-pu village,Nantou county,Taiwan(R.O.C)
Ya Kou Youth Hostel 886-7-6866057 886-7-6866167 No.5 Yakou ,Li-dao village, Hai-ruei Township , Taidong County

Travel Guide

【Tataka High Mountain Ecotourism】

Climbing Yushan Main Peak
Day 1: Starting Point → Alishan Forest Recreation Area、Dongpu Hot Spring (lodging)
Day 2: Alishan Forest Recreation Area、Dongpu Hot Spring → Tataka pass entry (1.7K) → Menglu Pavillion (1K) → pass entry of Yushan Front Peak (2.3K) →Forest of White Wood (1.7K) → Great Cliff (1.8K) → Paiyun Lodge (lodging)
Day 3: Paiyun Lodge (2.4K) → Yushan Main Peak (10.9K) →Tataka pass entry→ Return
Yushan Main Peak to Batongguan Hiking Tour
Day 1: Starting Point → Alishan Forest Recreation Area (lodging)
Day 2: Tataka pass entry (8.5 K) → Paiyun Lodge (lodging)
Day 3: Paiyun Lodge (2.4 K) → Yushan Main Peak (1.8 K) → Laonong Campsite (4.2 K) → Batongguan   Ancient Trail (2.8 K) → Guangao Mountain-Climbing Service Station (lodging)
Day 4: Guangao Mountain-Climbing Service Station (14 K) → Dongpu pass entry → Return
Tataka Recreation Area --- Nature Trail Routes
Route 1: Visitor Center (0.1K) → Dongpu Prairie(1.7K) → Tataka Police Station (0.4K) → New Central Cross Island 95K Parking Area (on foot around 12 hours)
Route 2: Visitor Center (1.6K) → Giant Hemlock (0.8K) → Linjhih Gap (0.8K) → Linjhih Mountain (0.8K) → Linjhih Gap (0.8K) → Giant Hemlock (1.4K) → Shangdongpu (on foot around 2.5 hours)
Route 3: Visitor Center (1.6K) → Giant Hemlock (0.8K) → Linjhih Gap (1.2K) → Lulin Mountain (0.7K) → Lulin Lodge   (1.1K) → Lulin Gap → Shangdongpu (on foot around 3 hours, reverse around 4 hours)
Route 4: Visitor Center (1.6K) → Giant Hemlock (0.8K) → trail entrance of Linchushan (2.1K) →Tataka Anbu (1.4K) → Giant Hemlock (1.4K) → Shangdongpu (on foot around 7 hours)

【Jhongjhihguan Ancient Trail, Southern Cross-Island Highway】

Southern Cross-Island Highway Jhongjhihguan Rest Area (30 min) → Jhihguan Police Station (20 min) → Charcoal Kiln (60 min) → Lonely Wood (15 min) →Tianchih (Tian Pond) (10) → Changching Shrine


【Nanan-Walami Trail:Tour for discovering fern ecotype】
Route 1: Trail (0.65 K) → Shanfong (0.25 K) → Shanfong bridge1 (0.8 K) →Shanfong Waterfall → Return (a round trip about 3 hours)
Route 2: Trail (1.7 K) → Shanfong   Waterfall (3.2 K) → Juasin (4.9 K) → Huangma no.1 bridge → Return (a round trip about 8 hours)
Route 3: Trail (9.8 K) → Huangma bridge1 (0.8 K) → Huangma bridge2 (3.4 K) → Walami → Return (a round trip about 12 hours)

Visitor Safety

Attention for visitors

steep mountain
【The must-know for engagement in various activities】
  1. Road conditions in the mountain area are unstable. Falling rocks or landslide could happen easily. Please do not stay or take photographs at dangerous zones where there are falling rocks and landslides.
  2. In the summer afternoons, intermittent rain or dense fog form frequently, whereas in winter, the surface of the road could easily freeze up and becomes slippery. Please drive carefully and reduce speed.
  3. Along the provincial highway, Taiwan rock-monkeys, Mikado Pheasants and Swinhoe’s Pheasant often appear. Drive carefully and please do not feed the animals.
  4. From June to November every year, is the breeding period for killer bees, of when they could be easily terrified and sting on people. Please be cautious.
  5. For mountain hiking, please equip yourself with sufficient mountain hiking equipment and in accordance with the regulations. In addition, getting mountain/park entrance permit ready beforehand is required.
  6. Leaving the team and acting alone, leaving the trail without the knowledge of other members and taking shortcuts are strictly prohibited during mountain hiking. Also, do not linger along the way.
  7. Water resource is scarce in the mountain area. Please conserve on water usage.
  8. Be careful while cooking with fire to avoid the outbreak of fire in the forests.
  9. Please do not litter and bring the garbage downhill.
  10. Please abide stringently on the principle of countryside activities, “Leave nothing but footprints; take nothing but photographs,” in order to protect the environment of the nature, leaving behind a land of purity for later generations.

Park Contacts

Information of Visitor Center


LocationOpening HoursContact Information
Administration - Tel:886-49-2773121 ext.605/606
Shuili Visitor Center - Tel:886-49-348269
Fax:886-49-2773121 ext. 605/606
TatakaVisitor Center 09:00am ~ 16:30pm Closed 2nd Tuesdays of the month.  If that Tuesday were a national holiday, it would be postponed to the next day. Tel:886-49-2702200~2
NananVisitor Center 09:00am ~ 16:30pm Closed 2nd Tuesdays of the month.  If that Tuesday were a national holiday, it would be postponed to the next day. Tel:886-3-8887560
Meishan Visitor Center 09:00am ~ 16:30pm Closed 2nd Tuesdays of the month.  If that Tuesday were a national holiday, it would be postponed to the next day. Tel:886-7-6866181~3

Map Of The Park

map of Yushan

Yushan National Park is located in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. Centering around Jade Mountain Main Peak, the park covers a vast area of over 105,000 hectares spread out over the four counties of Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien. It is a typical subtropical mountainous national park.

Within the park, there are spectacular views of the peaks. The park covers 30 out of Taiwan’s One Hundred Mountains, including Jade Mountain Peaks, Siouguluan Mountain, Mabolasih Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Sinkang Mountain, and Guan Mountain. Each mountain has its own particular style; some are magnificently elegant and full of fury, while others display bizarre and marvelous peaks. Naturally formed, such landscapes are extremely beautiful. The park also includes the origin of the hydro system for the central, southern and eastern areas of Taiwan Province, which was closely related with the livelihood of the public at the lower reaches of the river.

How To Get There



  1. Highway Administration Information

Highway Administration Information
Shueili Area Provincial Highway 16 (049) 2234181 Nantou Branch
New Central Cross-Island Highway Provincial Highway 21 (049) 2791510 2nd Maintenance Office of Sinyi Branch
Provincial Highway 21 - Syuefong (049) 2702033 126K Station of New Central Cross-Island
Alishan Highway Provincial Highway 18 (05) 2592426 5th Maintenance Office of Alishan Branch
Southern Cross-Island Highway Jiasian- Meishan (07) 751014 3rd Maintenance Office of Jiasian Branch
Haiduan- Yakou (089) 811024 3rd Maintenance Office of Guanshan Branch
Southlink Highway Taitung- Dawu (089) 325073 3rd Maintenance Office of Taitung Branch
Dawu- Fonggang (08) 8771114 3rd Maintenance Office of Fonggang Branch
East Coast Line Hualien Section (03) 8230570 4th Maintenance Office of Hualien Branch
Taitung Section (089) 325073 3rd Maintenance Office of Taitung Branch