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South Penhu

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How To Get There

the Eye of Dongji


  1. Transport guide

How to Get to the South Penghu Marine National Park?

The main transportation from the external world to the South Penghu Marine National Park is currently sea transportation, with approaches including direct chartered boats or transshipment: Direct Sea Transportation: About 2.5 hours of voyage from Tainan to Dongji Island; currently, there are privately operated passenger liners sailing off at fixed times; there are still no fixed transportation boats towards Dongyuping Island and Xiyuping Island.

Sea Transportation Transshipment: Requires taking the South Sea Transportation Boat towards Wangan from Magong, Penghu County, then a chartered boat from Wangan towards the various islands, or non-scheduled transportation boats.

Transshipment from Air Transportation to Sea Transportation: Take an airplane from Taiwan towards Magong or directly to Wangan (those arriving at Magong will need to travel via sea transportation towards Wangan), then take a chartered boat from Wangan towards various islands, or take non-scheduled transportation boats.

Please contact the following for information on the abovementioned sea and air transportations: South Sea Visitor Center, Penghu; Wangan Township Hall, Penghu County; Magong Ticket Office, South Sea Transportation Boat.


Park Contacts

LocationOpening HoursContact Information
Dongji Visitor Center Monday ~ Sunday,
from 09:00 to 17:00
Yu-ping Visitor Center Monday ~ Sunday,
from 09:00 to 17:00

Map Of The Park

South Penhu map description

Dongyupingyu, Siyupingyu, Dongjiyu and Sijiyu located in southern Penghu are collectively called the four islands of southern Penghu; they are located from 119°30'E to 119°41'E, and from 23°14'N to 23°16'N. In addition to four larger main islands, the surrounding subsidiary islet reefs include Touchin, Tiehchen, Chungtsai, Chumuchiao and Chutouyu.

Due to the isolated environment of the four islands of southern Penghu plus the transition of industrial structures, inconvenient traffic and poor materials supply in recent decades, the population gradually relocates outside of Penghu. Therefore, except for a few residents that remain on the island, only a few visitors appear during week days.

The four islands of southern Penghu have not been over-developed, thus all the resources such as natural ecology, geological landscapes or historical monuments remain original, low-polluted and natural appearances. Moreover, those coral reefs with extremely high coverage rate in surrounding waters are precious assets of the ocean, hence the diverse ecological environment in the four islands of southern Penghu is worthy for tourism.